Spider Beetles

Spider Beetles are approximately 2- 4 mm in length; they have rounded bodies and at first glance look like spiders. Their bodies are brown in colour and are usually covered with hairs or scales.

Where do they live?

They can be found in food stores and in houses (usually older properties) where there are plenty of cracks and crevices for them to hide. Try to eliminate birds, and other insects, as Spider Beetles will also feed on faeces and dead insects.

What do they eat?

Spider Beetles will eat almost any food substance, but will also gnaw small holes in sacks, packaging and other materials.

Pest status:

Spider Beetle larvae will attack almost any dry food product including biscuits, fruit, grain, and vegetable matter. They will also cause considerable damage to commodities with their droppings and silk webbing.


  • Any food commodities that are found to be infested with Spider Beetles should be discarded, and the storage area thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Inspect stored foods on a regular basis and eliminate any dampness or high humidity.
  • Insecticidal Control - Fabrics can be treated with insecticides approved for the treatment of stored product pests.

Professional Help:

Wirral Borough Council does not provide a service.

However, commercial Pest Control Companies are listed in the Yellow Pages and Thompson's Local Directory.

When using pesticides always follow the instructions on the label!