Hide Beetle

Adult Hide Beetles are approximately 10mm in length, oval in shape and covered in small hairs. They are black or brown in colour with distinct clubbed antennae. The larva is brown in colour and covered in tufts of hair at various lengths.

Where do they live?

Often found in birds' nests in lofts. They may also be found in debris in larders and kitchens and in factories and other premises.

What do they eat?

The insects can live on dead birds and other decaying matter usually of animal origin, such as hair, wool, bones, feathers and hides.

Pest Status:

Hide Beetles are not thought to spread disease, however they can attack woollen clothing and furnishings, such as leather, fur, and silk. The larval stage of the insect can burrow into timber or other materials when it is ready to pupate.

Control Measures:

Hygiene - Before carrying out a treatment against Hide Beetles a thorough cleansing of the area to be treated should take place, paying particular attention should be paid to these areas.

Insecticidal Control - An insecticide suitable for the treatment of crawling insect pests should be applied to the infected area.

Many of the insects and their larvae hide in cracks and crevices so particular attention should be paid to these areas.

Professional Help - Wirral Borough Council does not provide a service. However, commercial Pest Control Companies are listed in the Yellow Pages and Thompson's Local Directory.

When using pesticides always follow the instructions on the label!