Climate Change and Sustainability

Wirral Council has a long held commitment to climate change action and is a signatory to the Climate Local initiative. Tackling climate change requires that we reduce our emissions of Greenhouse Gases and adapt to the changes in climate that will occur. The Council aims to lead by example. It also seeks play its part encouraging others to take action.

To this end, it supports:


Sustainability is about achieving a balance between the immediate needs of the local community, and those of future generations and the wider world.

In local terms, this means achieving our corporate aim of ’Reducing our carbon footprint’, and making sure that it stays that way, and we don't spoil the world around us in the process.

Environmental sustainability refers to the environmental actions or impacts of what we do.

In moving towards sustainability, we are attempting to reduce our ecological footprint or to tread more lightly on the Earth.

This equates to reducing the amount of resources we use and buy, the waste we produce and the emissions we produce.

With every action impacting on the planets ecosystems, from the local to the global, the world is changing and it is not just the climate.


Wirral Council is addressing environmental sustainability across the following areas: