Built conservation & urban design

The Conservation and Urban Design team is located within the Council’s Technical Services Department. We have a statutory duty to preserve listed buildings within Wirral and aim to preserve and enhance its conservation areas and other historic spaces. We promote high quality design in new development and provide advice in respect of all works affecting the historic environment, including listed buildings and proposals within and affecting the Borough’s 25 conservation areas. We provide a link between the public and specialist advisors and archaeologists.

Urban Design is an integral part of the planning process and we work with developers, architects, the public and stakeholders to ensure that new developments enrich the existing environment and create buildings and spaces that are attractive, stimulating and sustainable. We provide general advice on urban design proposals both great and small and are committed to ensuring high quality design in all new developments irrespective of designation.

Our primary role is to assist with the determining of planning applications providing expert advice in relation to heritage matters and urban design. We are also proactive in providing advice on repair, restoration and maintenance of the Borough’s historic buildings.

As part of the reforms in the planning system and the Local Development Framework, we are working in conjunction with the planning policy team to review existing policies and produce new measures relating to the enhancement of the historic environment. We intend to develop general design guidance as well as producing a number of supporting documents which will provide detailed information in respect of a number of conservation and design issues.

Our work covers the following:

The Conservation Area Guidance leaflet explains what a Conservation Area is and how the designation or extension of one affects those who live there. The aim is to provide general guidance and advice on the type of works that normally require planning permission as a result of designation.