Supporting Equality and diversity

The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) is committed to ensuring that it delivers all of its services in fair and appropriate ways.

What do we mean by ‘equality’?
The LSP will ensure that all service practices are lawful within the equalities legislation framework, and will promote equality of opportunity.

What do we mean by ‘diversity’?
The LSP recognises the variety of people and communities across Wirral with a wealth of cultures, lifestyles, experiences, beliefs and perspectives.

The channel for this area of work is through the Wirral Equalities Forum (WEF). WEF is currently reviewing its membership, work programme and areas of activity. Please contact if you require any further details on WEF.

The Equality Watch Scheme is the Council’s equality and diversity action plan for the period April 2009 to March 2012.

It details the actions that will be taken across the whole council to eliminate any discriminatory practices and to promote equality and recognise diversity within employment and service delivery. The scheme also provides a framework for the Council to achieve ‘Excellent’ status within the new Equality Framework for Local Government. Council is currently reviewing the Equality Watch Scheme.

More information is available on the Equality Watch page.