Much of the Council’s business is carried out through the Cabinet and various other committees.

There are four Policy and Performance Committees, each comprising of at least seven Councillors and, in some cases, co-opted Members.  These Committees discharge the functions conferred by the Local Government Act 2000 for overview and scrutiny, as subsequently amended by associated guidelines.

The four Policy and Performance Committees are:

1.     The Coordinating Committee is responsible for:

  • Determining the Overview and Scrutiny Rules and operational protocols set out in Part 4 insofar as they have not otherwise been determined by statute or reserved to the Council.
  • Determining the overall work programme of the Policy and Performance Committees, including ensuring there is an overall planned approach to in-depth reviews generated by the other three committees.
  • Allocating responsibilities to the Policy and Performance Committees where there is ambiguity or a matter is the concern of more than one committee.
  • Considering any matter affecting the area or its inhabitants including matters referred by constituency committees and councillor calls for action, and exercises the right to call in, for reconsideration, decisions made but not yet implemented by the Cabinet.
  • Approving an overview and scrutiny forward work programme, including the programme of any sub-committees it appoints so as to ensure that committees’ and sub-committees’ time is effectively and efficiently utilised.

The three other Policy and Performance Committees are responsible for scrutinising the work of the three strategic directorates in accordance with the approved overview and scrutiny forward work programme.  They are known as:

2.     Families and Wellbeing Committee

3.     Regeneration and Environment Committee

4.     Transformation and Resources Committee


There are also four Constituency Committees, which are co-terminus with the four Wirral Parliamentary constituency boundaries.  They are:

They have an advisory role, act as a voice for each of the four local community areas and discharge such functions as may be delegated to them from time to time by the Executive and/or the Council.


Other committees have been established to carry out those functions that do not fall within the remit of the Cabinet. They are:


You can browse committee minutes, agendas and reports and a calendar showing the date of all committee meetings.