Core Strategy Development Plan Document: Additional consultation on Settlement Area Policies

Contact Officer: Pam Conway

Tel: (0151) 691 8206


Start Date: Monday 30 January 2012

End Date: Monday 12 March 2012 (5pm)


Purpose of the exercise
To consult on eight draft Settlement Area Policies which set out local priorities for each of the main groups of settlements within the Borough. The final Settlement Area Policies will be included in a statutory land-use planning document called a Core Strategy Development Plan Document, which will be used as the basis for determining individual planning applications.


Who might be interested in this consultation?
Groups that might be interested in this consultation include local residents, businesses, property developers, land owners, community groups, residents' groups, local amenity societies and environmental groups.


What will happen after the consultation?

The results of consultation on the emerging Settlement Area Policies for the Core Strategy will be used to inform the next stage of the Core Strategy (the Publication Draft), which is due to be reported in July 2012. It is expected that the full process will be completed in mid 2013 when the Core Strategy has been agreed by the Council and signed off by a Planning Inspector.