Primary places review

Contact officer: Sally Gibbs

Tel: 0151 666 4351


Start date: 22nd October 2010

End date: 3rd December 2010

Purpose of the exercise:

The Council has to review its school places to make sure that across Wirral, empty or surplus places stay below 10%. It also has to consider taking action when a school has 25% or more surplus places.

In Wirral the number of primary and pre-school age children has been falling for some time. Although the birth rate has risen slightly in recent years, in some schools in parts of Wirral, the number of empty places is too high. The Council must take action to reduce empty places, which represent a waste of resources.

There will be an on-going programme looking at every area of Wirral over the next few years. The current consultations are to help decide what changes should be made to reorganise primary and nursery schools in the South Wallasey area.

How can you get involved:

Consultation booklets have been sent to parents, carers, staff and governors of the schools named in the options for change. All recipients have been asked to send comments via post or e-mail. Consultation meetings were held on the 2nd, 3rd and 10th November 2010.

Stakeholders at other South Wallasey schools have received a letter advising them of the options, how to find out more information and inviting their comments. An advert appeared in 27th October 2010 Wirral Globe. Consultation documents and feedback forms have also been placed and advertised in local libraries, Children’s Centres and community centres.

Further information on the consultation:
Further information is available on the Primary Places Review website

Who will the results of the exercise be reported to:
A report will be presented to the Council’s Cabinet which will inform their decision on whether to proceed with formal proposals for change.

What were the results of the exercise:
These will be advised following the consultation.

What changes to the service will take place as a result of the exercise:
These will be advised following the consultation.