Coastal Strategy - Stage 1

Contact officer: Neil Thomas

Tel: 0151 606 2333


Start date: 09/05/2011

End date: 31/08/2012

Purpose of the exercise:

The purpose of the exercise is to produce a Strategy Document for the Wirral Coast which will

  • Confirm the level of coastal erosion and tidal flood risk and interaction with fluvial flood risk on Wirral over the next 100 years
  • Produce a sustainable plan of management actions that meet current social, economic and environmental criteria
  • Ensure that Shoreline Management Plan policy implementation and actions do not produce adverse environmental impacts or provide mitigation against environmental impacts
  • Inform other plans and strategies, such as the Local Development Framework Core Strategy
  • Produce a future management programme from which:

     - The investment required to manage flood and coastal erosion risk can be determined with a high degree of confidence

     - Project Appraisal Reports (PARs) that provide a sound business case for future investment can be quickly and easily progressed and processed

     - The location, standard and timing of the solutions will be optimised

     - The up to date benefit of managing the coastline will be shown

     - Options for public/private partnerships in on-going coastal management will be identified

 - Arrangements for informing and monitoring actions by private bodies will be put in place

Who will be consulted and how?

The principal stakeholders will include

  • Environment Agency
  • Wirral Council Departments
  • Neighbouring Local Authorities (Cheshire West and Chester)
  • Tidal Dee Flood Risk Management Strategy Project Officer
  • Principal Coastal Land Owners e.g Golf Clubs, Peel Holdings
  • Natural England
  • English Heritage
  • Relevant non statutory environmental groups e.g. RSPB, Wirral Wildlife
  • Members of the public who express an interest in future management of the Wirral coast.

Consultation will be in 2 stages:

  • Firstly to identify key issues affecting the Wirral coast, building upon those identified in the Shoreline Management Plan. Opportunity to do this will via the Council’s website, and through Community Open Days. Meetings will be held with principal stakeholders. An online questionnaire is also available.

Stage 1 Consultation will be open until the end of August 2011.

  • The second stage will be to review the draft Strategy Plan. Existing consultees will be contacted directly to do this and the draft plan will be available on the Council’s website for wider review. Meetings will be held with principal stakeholders.

Consultation on the draft plan is expected to commence in July 2012 until end of August 2012.

How can you get involved?

Complete the questionnaire online. The online questionnaire closed at 5:00pm on 31st August 2011.

If you would like to register your interest to be included in the further development of the strategy consultation contact the Council’s project officer, Neil Thomas using the contact details above.

Who will the results of the exercise be reported to?

The Wirral Coastal Strategy will be reported to Cabinet for formal adoption of the management actions and also to the Environment Agency (who are funding the Strategy) for formal approval. Consultants are working on the draft Strategy Plan which will be available for Consultation in the summer.

preliminary draft document defining the Options to be examined further by the Coastal Strategy is now available for download.

What were the results of the exercise?

These will be reported following the completion of the exercise.

What changes to the service will take place as a result of the exercise?

These will be reported following completion of the exercise.