Budget 2012 Consultation

Budget 2012. You Choose! 

Tel:  0151 606 2030 

Email: budget2012@wirral.gov.uk  

Start date: 19th August 2011 

End date:  30th November 2011 


Purpose of the exercise:  

Last year, the Council lost £51 million of government funding and this year there is a ‘gap’ of £25 million between our income and projected spend.

This consultation enabled the public to have a say, and tell us how they would deal with our budget situation. People could try to balance the budget, recommend savings and suggest ways to increase income in our online budget simulator. 

Visit the Budget 2012 section of this website for more information. 


Who was consulted and how: 

Council officers promoted the online simulator across all of Wirral’s communities via the local media, as well as a programme of events.  


Who will the results of the exercise be reported to: 

The results of the budget simulator were reported to the Council’s Cabinet in December 2011.


What changes to the service will take place as a result of the exercise: 

The results of this consultation will be used to guide and inform the budget setting process for next year (2012/13).