Special Educational Needs

The consultation related to Lyndale School will open on 02 April 2014, and documents will be available from the 'Current Consultations' area of this website.

Wirral is committed to:  

  • promoting high standards of education for children and young people with SEN 
  • focusing on preventative work to ensure that needs are identified as quickly as possible and that early action is taken to meet those needs 
  • developing approaches that embed co-operative multi-disciplinary working between all agencies. 

At any one time up to 20% of children and young people may, for whatever reason, have a special educational need.  This means the child or young person has significantly greater difficulty learning than the majority of children and young people of the same age.   

Nearly all of these needs can be met in mainstream schools, and the school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is responsible for co-ordinating the school’s response to special educational needs. 

A very small percentage of pupils, around 2%, have their needs met in special schools or in mainstream schools with specialised resources or support.  These pupils will have Statements of Special Educational Needs (SSEN). 

For further information: 

  • For parents/carers the school’s SENCO, or manager of a setting, is usually the first point of contact about SEN. 
  • Independent information, support and advice are available for parents/carers about SEN through a Parent Partnership Service.  This service is run by Wirral Information Resource for Equality and Disability (WIRED). Tel: 0151 522 7990.

A web page on Wirral’s Learning Grid under Participation and Inclusion (SEN and Disability) carries information and links about a number of areas connected with SEN, including extensive details about: 

  • Specialist support teams - visit the Wirral Local Offer website for information on our specialist support teams.
  • Wirral’s current Special Needs Handbook that outlines local arrangements required by the SEN Code of Practice. Statutory assessment processes and admissions to special schools are managed by the SEN team at the Hamilton Buildings. Children and Young People’s Department, SEN Section, Hamilton Building, Conway Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 4FD.  Tel: 0151 666 4224.