Learning Centres

City Learning Centres are playing an increasingly important part in enhancing teaching and learning through the use of ICT.

There are three CLCs in Wirral, they are ‘The Learning Lighthouse’, ‘West Wirral Works’ and ‘The Discovery’. All three are dedicated to developing new and supporting existing ways of using ICT to enhance teaching and learning. Each one also has a particular area of strength and expertise.

The Learning Lighthouse is located within the grounds of Wallasey School, and runs courses and activities for all areas of the curriculum but specialises in Multimedia, Digital Imaging, Music Technology and in particular Video Production.

West Wirral Works is located within the grounds of Hilbre High School, and specialises in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacture (CAM), but also supports all subjects across the curriculum through the innovative use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The Discovery is located within the grounds of Ridgeway High School. It is a large state of the art building. The centre has extensive ICT facilities that are available for use by students and teachers from Primary and Secondary schools, and Sixth form colleges on the Wirral and members of the local community. The centre is also used by the businesses community, who are starting to make use of the excellent Conference Theatre that accommodates 150 people.

Discovery CLC offers activities and projects across all subject areas, however the centre specialises in Science. To support this specialisim Discovery has a dual level Science Laboratory that caters for Primary school children and adults alike. The centre has recently been able to offer Primary pupils their very first experience of working in a Science Lab.

The centres are open over and beyond normal 'school hours' and remain open during school holiday periods.

One particular technology that is being used to link schools and city learning centres together, in order to make best use of expertise and resources is videoconferencing.