Looked After Children

The Children and Young People's Department provides services for Looked after Children which include the support, placement and care of children and young people in the following areas: adoption, foster care and residential care and for young people leaving care.

The aim of the service is to provide children and young people with a range of placement options best suited to assist them to achieve a sense of security and permanence, contribute to their development and support them to achieve their full potential.

Services are provided to meet nationally agreed standards and good practice. They are provided and developed in consultation with service users and professionals to ensure that they are able to respond to and meet local need.

The overall aim of the service is to be able to respond appropriately to the assessed needs of all Looked After children and young people and ensure that their life chances are enhanced throughout their care experience.

The Council is required to gather certain information at the point of contact when someone requests help. The Council may provide services to meet the needs you have, subject to an assessment of need. However, please note that this is not a fully secure internet site and Wirral Council do not encrypt data which is transferred to the CADT. If you are concerned about sending personal information over the Internet please use the telephone contact centre to provide us with more detailed information.

If a child is ‘looked after’ by a local authority they may either be on a care order or be voluntarily accommodated. A Care Order places the child in the care of a local authority and gives the local authority parental responsibility for the child.

The local authority may decide to what extent this care should be shared with the child’s parents. A child may also be accommodated by the local authority under voluntary arrangements with the child’s parents. The parents retain parental responsibility working in partnership with the local authority.

Every child who is ‘looked after’ by a local authority must have a Care Plan. The Care Plan sets out the long term objectives for the child and the arrangements for achieving those objectives. This overall Care Plan incorporates a Personal Education Plan which must include information on the education arrangements made for the child and will involve parents, carers and the child in forward planning. The Personal Education Plan is intended to: ensure access to services and support, minimise disruption and broken schooling, signal any special or additional needs, establish clear goals for the pupil, and act as a record of progress and achievement.

Visit the page entitled 'Education of Looked After Children' for further information.