Product safety and recalls

When goods are sold to consumers, the goods must be safe.

If the goods are unsafe, and they cause death, injury or damage to property, the manufacturer, the retailer and/or anyone else in the supply chain may have to meet a claim for compensation and could face prosecution for breaching safety law.

There are a wide range of regulations covering specific goods, such as the Toys Safety Regulations, which lay down requirements to ensure that goods are safe.

There are also regulations, the General Product Safety Regulations, which place a responsibility on suppliers to ensure that goods are safe even if they are not covered by specific regulations.

When safety issues occur a product recall notice may be issued for the return to the supplier of a batch or an entire production run of the goods.

If you or a child has been injured by a product then please report the incident to us.

Obviously do not continue to use the product and where possible please retain it and any associated packaging, instructions for use etc. as they may be required for examining/testing by trading standards.