Temporary signposts to a new housing development

If you are a developer building a housing development you may wish to put up temporary traffic signposts for the development.

In order to do this you will need to meet certain conditions and apply for a licence.


Initial application £198
Initial charge per sign £60
Application renewal £165
Renewal charge per sign £50

These costs will need to be paid upon application. If the application is refused for any reason or you cancel the application, all money paid will be held on file until another application is made and accepted.


Apply for temporary signposts to a new housing development

Processing and timescales

Applications will be processed within 15 working days.



Refusal can be caused by two main reasons, the first being that one or more signs locations may not meet the criteria set down and a rethink on where the signs are placed will be required. The second reason is that the signs or development does not meet the required standards and a complete rethink will be needed before a resubmission will be accepted.

We will explain the reasons if an application is refused. An appeal can be made but the applicant may need to make changes to fit in with the requirements set down in the guidelines.