Wirral Council reacquired Birkenhead Market and the associated Charter Rights on 2 February 2019. These Charter Rights give the exclusive right to operate a market within 6 2/3 Miles of Birkenhead Market (“Charter Area”). Market is a legally defined term which includes any concourse of buyers or sellers of five or more trading spaces.

A draft Market Rights Policy has been produced which sets out the principles the council will generally apply when considering Market Rights Licence applications. 

Views are now invited from you on the draft Market Rights Policy.

Wirral Council welcomes the views of any interested parties and you should feel free to draw the attention of this document to others who may be interested in responding to the consultation. Please clearly state which section your comments relate to, that is; Background and Introduction, Managing Market Rights and send them by email to licensing@wirral.gov.uk.

The council wishes to thank you for taking the time to consider this document. Your views are important to the council in reaching a fair and proportionate Market Rights Policy. 

The consultation will take place from 28 September 2021 to 22 December 2021.