Enquiries policy

  • all remote enquiries can be dealt with by a member of Wirral Archives  if they amount to no more than 30 minutes of staff time. In this case, the research undertaken by a member of staff will be free of charge and a response will be sent within 15 working days (unless otherwise advised)
  • if additional research is required in order to answer the enquiry in full, it may be necessary to employ our paid Research Service
  • all enquiries will be answered in the order they are received
  • it is not possible for a member of staff to answer detailed enquiries over the telephone. Staff will take the details and log the enquiry onto the system
  • general enquiries concerning opening hours or whether we hold certain records are not logged as enquiries
  • when making copies of documents, we ask for payment in advance, and the signing of a Copyright Declaration Form if necessary
  • we reserve the right not to supply copies if the original items may be damaged as a result of copying
  • we accept cheques made payable to ‘Wirral Council’. There is also an online payment system for credit card payments, and we can also provide the council’s bank details for direct payments, for example, from a foreign currency
  • a receipt can be provided for payments

Responsibility and review

The overall responsibility for the implementation, monitoring and review of this policy rests with the Archivist.

This policy will be reviewed every two years, in order to take into consideration any changes in service.