Renew your books

Renew your books

Charges for late returns

  • adults - 22p per day per book (maximum fine £8.80)
  • children - 7p per day per book (maximum fine £2.80)
  • Over 60s - 11p per day per book (maximum fine £4.40)

Reserve a book

Find and reserve a book

Reservation charges

  • adults - £1.05
  • over 60s - 75p
  • under 18s - free

What if I can't find the book I want?

If you can't find the book you want, we may be able to get it for you.

Request an item

We will first try to buy the item for our library stock.

Alternatively we can try to get the item from another library service via our inter-library loan service.

In this case you will have to pay the reservation charge plus a fee.

Fees for requesting the purchase of a book

  • adults - £1.05
  • over 60s - 75p
  • under 18s - free

Fees for requesting an inter-library loan

  • adults - £3.30 plus £1.05 reservation charge = £4.35 total charge
  • concessions - £2.05 plus 75p reservation charge = £2.80 total charge

Renewal and reservation email reminders

If you have an online library account you can sign up for email reminders. We will then send you reminders when books are due for renewal and when reserved books are ready for collection. You can sign up from the 'contact options' link which you will see when you log in to your library account.