All of our libraries are equipped with computers, printers, scanners and internet access.

Library members can use the computers for free for half an hour, and 90p per half hour after that. There is free wifi in all libraries.

Software, including Microsoft Office Word and Excel is available.

Children need parent or carer permission before using the internet. All computers have filtering software in operation.

Free Online Resources

While using our library computers, you have free access to our online resources:   

IT support

IT volunteers are available in most libraries to provide IT support and help getting started if you have never used a computer before.

Contact your local library to find out when volunteers will be available to assist.

Printer, fax and photocopying costs

Prices are per single-sided sheet.


  • colour printing - 80p
  • black and white printing - 16p
  • A4 photocopying - 16p
  • A3 photocopying - 32p


  • colour printing - 40p
  • black and white printing - 8p
  • A4 photocopying - 8p
  • A3 photocopying - 16p


  • local (0845 numbers) - £1.30
  • national (0870 numbers) - £1.50
  • international - £2.00

Each additional page half original cost.

  • 75p to receive a fax

Photography with own device

  • daily licence - £3.5
  • weekly licence - £11
  • annual licence - £45

Licenses can be purchased at any Wirral library.