volunteering opportunities map in Wirral

Would you like to volunteer with us? Our volunteers play a vital role in looking after Wirral's parks, coast and countryside and support a wide-range of activities. 

Get involved with your local community, meet new people, develop your skills and learn more about the parks, coastlines and countryside.

Click on the map to download details of where you can volunteer with us.

South Wirral

Eastham Country Park

Tuesdays 10am to 3.30pm. Call Chris Werney on 0151 327 1007 or email christopherwerney@wirral.gov.uk before coming. Discover more of what Eastham County Park has to offer.

Brotherton Park and Dibbinsdale LNR

Fridays 10am to 3.30pm. Call Alan Smail on 0151 334 9851 or email  alansmail@wirral.gov.uk before coming.

Heswall Dales

Wednesdays 10.30am to 3.30pm. Call Dan Travis on 0151 342 7088 or email dantravis@wirral.gov.uk before coming. 


North Wirral Coastal Park

Tuesdays 10am to 2pm. Email Dave Stevenson  davestevenson@wirral.gov.uk. Discover more of what North Wirral Coastal Park has to offer.

The Breck

Thursday 10am to 1pm. Email Paul Sinclair before coming paulsinclair@wirral.gov.uk. Discover more of what The Breck has to offer.

Burford Wood (Blue Bell Woods)

First Wednesday of the month. Email Paul Sinclair before coming on paulsinclair@wirral.gov.uk

West Wirral

Wirral Country Park

Thursday volunteer task day 10am -3pm. Email WCP@wirral.gov.uk

Royden Park

Tuesday Ranger led task 10am to 3pm. Call 0151 677 7594, or email midwirralrangers@wirral.gov.uk


Birkenhead Park

Wednesday Ranger led task 10am to 12pm. 

Birkenhead Park volunteer ‘drop in any day’ 10am to 4pm. 

First Saturday of the month - Ranger led task days 10am to 12pm.

Call 0151 652 5197, or email BirkenheadPark@wirral.gov.uk

Discover more of what Birkenhead Park has to offer.

Weekend Volunteering

Volunteer with the Wirral Countryside Volunteers with regular weekend volunteering sessions across Wirral.

Find out more information and contact details.

What our volunteers say

‘I like the task focused friendships and being outdoors and that every week is different’.  Judith

'I like the open air and company. I have learned so much from our Rangers Paul and Dave, and I get to use a pitchfork.  I get to see the improvements we have made to the parks, especially here at The Breck, it gives me a huge sense of achievement. I am retired so it gives me a structure to my week and I love to see the beauty, seeing the views and creating new ones'.  Dave.

'I like taking down invasive trees, putting up new fencing and gates and helping other people access the park. I love the area, especially along the see front, it is so beautiful. We have a great crowd of people'.  Mike.

'I like meeting new people and the tasks mean that you always have something to talk about.  I really enjoy working with the Ranger, and have learned so much. There is never any pressure and each week I feel I can do more and become more helpful. It gives a great feeling - to belong to something and somewhere like this'.  Janet.