Fitness suite

All the latest equipment including running machines, rowers, cross-trainers and bikes.

An induction is required before using any equipment. Last admission is 1 hour before closing.

Free weights area

A large selection of weights, including dumb bells, Olympic bar and plates, and kettlebells.

Powertone tables

Powertone tables help to rebuild muscle strength, tone, achieve inch loss, improve posture and increase flexibility.

The toning tables are controlled so that the user can work passively or actively depending on their ability. They are the perfect choice for anyone coming back to exercise, or those with low levels of fitness.

The circuit can be completed in 30 minutes and is ideal for those wanting a quick and low impact workout.

An induction is required before using the equipment.

Sports hall

An indoor sports hall is available with facilities for:

  • badminton
  • netball
  • basketball
  • short tennis
  • volleyball
  • 5-a-side football