Wirral Council is in the midst of a detailed review of leisure, libraries, parks and cultural services in the borough. We’re determined to find the best way of running these services in the future, one which meets residents’ modern needs in a way which is affordable.

We commissioned an independent company to give us an expert opinion on the options for future delivery of the services. The work commissioned was a detailed, long-term study of the services which took more than one year to complete.

The report and the work which was is extremely valuable to us. It has been used to help develop proposals in every area of these services, and we continue to draw on its findings as we try new ideas and test ideas for future models for the services. It provides ideas for increasing income, for making the services for efficient and commercial, and provides an extensive needs analysis and audit of the challenges and opportunities facing the services.

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This investigation was not the only work which we delivered on this programme. We held extensive discussions with Trade Union colleagues, our workforce, and the people who use our services.

National policy changes, in relation to the treatment of VAT for sports related activity, also came into effect during the course of this work.

The feedback we received, plus the changes to national legislation, led us to the view that one size does not fit all for these services, and we instead decided to design a specific model for each service, in order to meet the specific needs of the people who use it. 

We have already put forward proposals related to the Floral Pavilion and Golf Courses and will soon bring forward new ideas for our leisure, library and cultural services.