In our people's words

Here at Wirral, we believe in taking a people-first approach, and what we hear from our people is important in helping us work together to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Whether it’s through our staff survey, all staff events, staff forum, or staff networks, we want to hear from our people throughout the year to make sure we’re getting things right.

Our staff survey

In our most recent staff survey in May 2023, 1,663 colleagues helped us understand what we’re doing well, what matters most to them and how we can make Wirral an even better place to work.

Here’s a look at some of the things our people said we do well:

Survey 2023 - what do we do well?

  • I am trusted to do my job effectively
  • I am confident in developing my own team
  • I have a purpose and can make a difference when I come to work
  • I have good working relationships at Wirral
  • I live our Organisational values through my every day
  • I feel comfortable being myself at work
  • I feel equipped to manage my team effectively
  • my manager supports me to succeed in my role
  • manager experience

We are Wirral - events

In 2022 colleagues from across the council joined us at our We are Wirral staff events and helped us to describe who we are and what we are like at our best. It’s these insights that have helped us to understand our top priorities and support us in building our culture, skills, capabilities and conditions to thrive.

We asked: What makes a great day? What makes us proud? What are we like at our best? How can we work together to make Wirral an even better place to work?

Our people’s words, views and feedback inspired how we describe the way we do things around here and have been captured in this sketch note and in our People Strategy.

illustration of Wirral Council values

With our We are Wirral experience coming soon, this is a great opportunity for our staff to get involved in shaping how we do things at Wirral.

Our Staff Forum

In a fast-paced environment and with ambitious plans in motion for our organisation, we rely on our Staff Forum for their insights and views on a variety of topics that impact staff, such as policies, initiatives, or the way we work.

This forum is open to all staff, meets monthly and is our ‘go to group’ in helping us to improve the organisation for our people.

Working for Wirral

At Wirral we take pride in creating the right conditions, values, ways of working and culture needed to thrive.

Our people have told us they are proud of improving lives and seeing the positive impact of the services they work so hard to deliver. It’s this ability to work together and be the difference each day that makes us who we are.

To make sure we keep getting things right and to empower people to deliver our purpose and vision, we will continue to listen to our people about what we do well, what’s important to them and how we can improve.

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