This information is specifically for staff who have been recruited by the Council to work at the lateral flow testing sites. We have four sites now operational on Wirral.  At this stage, we anticipate we will be providing these facilities until March 2021.

We will review the information on a regular basis so please check for updates.

Will I receive a formal contract of employment?

Yes.  We will issue a contract of employment. Due to the nature of the work, in most cases contracts won’t specify the number of hours of work as this may vary according to the rota and your preference and availability.

What hours will I be working?

Site Leads will produce weekly rotas. We will do our best to match hours on the rota based on your availability and hours you are looking to do.

How are my hours recorded?

Your Site Lead will record your attendance and hours of work. Site Leads will be responsible for submitting hours to Human Resources for validation and payment.

Will I be paid for attending the training?

Yes, 1.5 hours will be included in your first payment.

When will I be paid?

For staff who started between 11 December and 15 December, payment for hours worked up to and including Wednesday 16 December will be made on Wednesday 23 December 2020.

All hours worked between 17 December and 10 January 2020 will be paid on 18 January 2020.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid to your bank account.

Important: You must submit your bank details through the Council’s SelfServe system by 4 January 2021. You will receive an email with instructions on how to login to the system and enter your bank details by Tuesday 22 December 2020. If you do not receive this email or need assistance with the login process, please contact employee services:

The next pay days will be 18 February and 18 March 2021.

Do I get a payslip?

Yes, the Council’s payslips are online.  You will be able to view them by logging on to SelfServe.

What should I do if have any queries about my pay?

Please speak to your Site Lead in the first instance and check the hours that have been submitted for you.

If you have any further queries regarding your pay, please email employee services:

What happens if I am unable to attend work?

If you are on a rota to work it is very important that you contact your Site Lead at the earliest opportunity no later than 8am for morning shifts, and 12.00pm for afternoon shifts. Please contact both Site Leads for your site as they will also be part of a rota system.

If you fail to attend work without notice this may lead to action under the Council’s disciplinary procedure and termination of employment.

Am I entitled to sick pay?

Staff are normally eligible for sick pay if part of an established rota with a regular pattern of work.   

Due to the variable hours and flexible nature of the shift-based system, if an employee is unable to work due to sickness it may be possible to explore alternative shift patterns.

What are the pay rates?

The pay rates for the roles are as follows:

  • Site Leads, £17.17 to £19.04 per hour
  • COVID Response Operative, £10.08 per hour

Sunday 27 December and Monday 28 December 2020 will be paid at double time.

Am I entitled to Pension?

You will automatically be enrolled in the Local Government Pension scheme and you will make a contribution from your pay. If you do not want to pay pension contribution you can opt out by either completing an opt out form or ask your Site Lead for a hard copy of the form at your workplace.

The completed form can be given to your Site Lead, who will scan and email it to, or you can send the form from your own email address to

Do I accrue holidays?

Yes, for each shift worked you automatically build up a holiday allowance.

If you need to take leave you can request a change to your rota with your Site Lead Requests must be made at least one week in advance to allow time for site rota’s to be amended.

The holidays you accrue will be paid when you finish your contract.

If you are not available for any shifts you can also ask your Site Lead to remove you from the rota.

Values and behaviours

You are expected to follow the values and behaviours we expect from all Wirral Council employees.

We will:

  • be customer focused
  • be accountable
  • be ambitious
  • be professional


"To work for Wirral Council is to be a public servant. We are here to serve our residents, to meet their needs, to protect them and to help them raise and achieve their aspirations. This is the principle our organisation is built upon.

We have unrelenting focus on our residents. What they expect, what they need, and what they want underpins every decision we make."

Paul Satoor, Chief Executive

Dignity at Work

The Council’s has a Dignity at Work Policy which has been developed to support a working environment free from harassment and bullying. 

If you have any concerns about bullying, harassment or discrimination, please speak to your site lead or HR.  You can email HR at

Code of Conduct

The people of Wirral are entitled to expect the highest standards of behaviour from everyone who works for their Council, and the Employees' Code of Conduct clearly sets out those standards. Everyone working for the Council is expected to act in accordance with the Code.

The principles which underpin the code are:

  • honesty
  • integrity
  • impartiality
  • objectivity
  • accountability

As employees of the Council we must all have respect for others, and must therefore:

  • treat others with respect
  • not discriminate unlawfully against any person
  • treat members and co-opted members of the authority professionally

The Employees' Code of Conduct provide you with more information on all of these behaviours and the way in which they should be applied to your work for the Council.

Health and Safety

It is critical that all staff involved in the testing always comply with rules and procedures to maintain a safe environment for staff and public.

All COVID related safety protocols must be applied in accordance with training provided.

Failure to comply could mean you will be instructed to leave site immediately for a breach of health and safety. Your employment may be terminated.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments have been produced for all sites and are available for reference if required. These will form part of the training provided.


Full PPE will be provided by the Council. This must be worn at all times in accordance with the guidance and training provided.

Failure to comply could mean you will be instructed to leave site immediately for a breach of health and safety. Your employment may be terminated.

Accident reporting

If you are involved in an accident or incident at work you should report this.  Please speak to your site lead in the first instance then record the information using the form in Selfserve.

Can I apply for other jobs in the Council?

Yes, you can apply for any jobs advertised in the Council as an internal applicant.  All jobs are advertised on self-serve.

Social Media Policy

The council has a social media policy which applies to all staff. Please ensure you read this policy. You must think carefully about anything you post on social media in relation to work or colleagues. This includes work related group such as WhatsApp which are also covered by our Dignity at Work policy.

Information governance

All employees are required to comply with the terms of the Council’s Information Governance Policy. This policy will be a point of reference for staff so they know what they should and should not do when handling information.

Information is a vital asset. It is essential in-service delivery, service planning and performance management.  In holding, managing and using that information, Wirral Borough Council (the Council) recognises the need for an appropriate balance between its obligations of openness, such as those under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and of confidentiality, such as under the Data Protection Act 2018 and EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

The Council will have a suite of policies, supported by the necessary processes and communication, to enable it to meet those obligations.


The Council has a legal responsibility to be GDPR compliant and process and store all data, including personal data, in accordance with the relevant legislation.

As part of your role, your team or service may hold personal data about customers.

Personal data is any data relating to an identifiable person, for example,  names, email addresses, phone numbers, health records, care records, gym membership details, library memberships. As an employee of the Council you must only use data for the purposes if which it was provided. Data must not be shared or used in any other way.

Failure to comply could mean you will be instructed to leave site immediately for a breach of GDPR regulations. Your employment may be terminated.