Our ambition is to be an outstanding council, focussed on improving outcomes for residents, on securing the very best services and on being exceptionally well run. We have made huge strides, since being named Britain’s Most Improved Council in 2015.

The Wirral Plan

In 2015, for the first time, every agency in Wirral – including partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors – joined up to agree the Wirral Plan. It is a set of shared outcomes and goals – 20 pledges for 2020 – which the Wirral Partnership will deliver together.

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Focussed on outcomes: our strategies

Over the past twelve months, we have been putting the building blocks in place to deliver the 20 pledges; new organisational structures, partnership arrangements, and route-maps to make sure we are in the best place to deliver. We have developed a series of ambitious strategies with our partners; they will guide how we work and achieve everything we have promised to Wirral residents.

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Based on insight: The Wirral residents’ survey

We all know a strategy is only as good as the insight it is based upon. In late 2015, Wirral completed its first full, comprehensive programme of residents’ opinions and values since 2008. The results were fascinating and incredibly valuable.