Temporary suspension of applications to the Property Accreditation Scheme

Discussions about the future operation of the Property Accreditation Scheme have been ongoing with the Landlord Steering Group. We have been looking at how the scheme can be managed based on the need to implement new legislation in the private rented sector.

With this in mind, it has been proposed that a temporary suspension will be placed on applications to join Wirral’s Property Accreditation Scheme from 31 December 2018.

New applications received before this date will still be processed. Existing accredited properties will be able to continue with self-assessment renewals. We will also continue to look into referrals received by the Housing Options Team. We will also continue to process Empty Property Grant applications.

Alternative national accreditation schemes are available, such as those administered by the National Landlords Association (NLA) and the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

It is planned that the scheme will continue and will only be temporarily closed to new members for a period in the New Year. Landlords can still submit an application to the property accreditation scheme after 1 January 2019. Applications will be kept on a waiting list during the suspension period.

The suspension of new applications will be lifted at some point in the future and this will be kept under review over time.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this temporary measure may cause. Please email LAT@wirral.gov.uk if you have any more questions.

What is Property Accreditation?

Property Accreditation is a free voluntary scheme which recognises good quality well-managed private rented accommodation. Properties which meet the Property Code of Standards receive a certificate of accreditation.


An accredited property must meet the minimum property codes of standards. Properties can also gain a star rating from 1 to 5. Find out more by reading the Property Codes of Standards.

Landlords must also agree to manage their property in accordance with the Management codes of standards. Find out more by reading the Management Codes of Standards

There is no limit to the amount of properties you can have accredited. Neither is there any cost for joining the scheme. Letting agents can also submit properties on behalf of landlords.

Changes to Landlord Accreditation inspection ratings

The Landlord Accreditation inspection rating system is changing following consultation with landlords. A higher rating will be given to properties which provide safe, suitable and well-maintained equipment for storing and cooking food.

How will the new rating system work?

Rather than an extra star for the provision of storage and cooking facilities, a ‘Plus’ Rating be given to accredited properties that meet the following requirements:

  • adequate provision of a suitable ‘fixed’ cooking appliance with oven and hob facility. Microwaves and table-top ring burners are not acceptable.
  • adequate provision of a separate or combined fridge and freezer. The minimum requirement is a freezer storage compartment in a fridge.

Achieving accreditation

Whether your property is occupied or empty, we will work with you and give you a timescale to help you achieve the required standards. Once achieved, accreditation can last up to five years, subject to review during that period.

For further information, visit the National Accreditation Network (ANUK) website.

Submitting Properties to the Property Accreditation Scheme


The scheme offers the following advantages to landlords

  • free to join
  • accreditation Certificate for each property that meets the scheme standards
  • marketing advantage over non-accredited landlords
  • free advertising of accredited properties on Property Pool Plus by downloading and submitting this application form
  • advice and guidance on landlord matters
  • access to a mediation service


The scheme offers the following advantages to tenants:

  • tenants in an accredited property know it is in a good condition
  • reassurance that the landlord will manage the tenancy reliably and fairly
  • fosters better landlord and tenant relationships
  • to view currently available private rented accredited properties please visit the Property Pool Plus website

Apply to have your Property Accredited