Homes for Ukraine Scheme

Information for guests

If you would like to live in the UK, you can find information on GOV.UK

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

The information below is about the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. If you want to apply under a different initiative, this information will not apply.

Sponsors and guests will find each other and match themselves externally. There is no single route to matching, and both the sponsor and guest could use a number of channels to find a match. They could for example already have a relationship in place with a friend in the UK/Ukraine, they could be friends of friends, or could find a sponsor or guest through a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), charity, or other channel.

Once you and your sponsor have submitted your visa application to the government you will need to wait for a permission to travel letter. As soon as you have this, you will be able to plan your travel to and enter the UK.

I submitted my Visa but haven’t heard

Wirral Council do not process Visa Applications and can not advise or help to obtain a visa. If you are still waiting for confirmation on the Visa application or your Permission To Travel letter, you can get help by calling 0808 164 8810.

How do I get here?

You will need to arrange your travel with your sponsor. Wirral Council do not get involved in arranging travel and cannot help.

How do I get to my accommodation when I arrive?

Your sponsor will be able to help you to reach their house, either by collecting you or telling you what public transport to use.

If you travel on public transport, you may be able to travel free of charge by showing your Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass or ticket showing when you arrived in the UK.

Find out more about travelling free of charge

How will you keep me and my family safe when we arrive?

To keep you safe, we are checking the property you will be living in meets the required standards, and that it has had gas and electric safety checks.

We also carry out checks on the people living in the property, and if there are vulnerable adults or children in your group, we will do more in-depth checks for added security.

We have asked your sponsor to guarantee at least six months of accommodation.

What do I need to do when I arrive?

When you arrive, your sponsor must let us know you are here.  This can be done by emailing

Your sponsor has been given lots of information to help you settle in Wirral, which includes the government’s support pack for Ukrainians and local support information about services to help you.

You can expect support with:


When you arrive in the UK, you are able to use the National Health Service.

For more information on how the NHS works, doctors have produced some information in:

Your sponsor should help you to find a local surgery where you will be able to see a doctor for health related needs. If you have a health emergency, you should ring 999 and ask for help. You will need to know your address for the emergency services to attend.

Find a GP in Wirral

Your sponsor will also be able to help you to register with a dentist.

Nursery, School or College

For Nursery Children:


Wirral Council’s officers will make a referral for Ukrainian guests to apply for school placements when you arrive in Wirral. We will need to see the passports of the children in order to make a referral so that we can check the spelling of their name and their date of birth. Wirral Council Schools Admissions will try to find a school that is near to your home. Read details on the schools’ admissions processes.


To access college or sixth form, you can contact the college or school direct. 

Money and Benefits

If you are of working age and do not have a job when you arrive, you can apply for Universal Credit. This is a type of welfare benefit which will provide you with money until you find a job. Your sponsor should help you to apply, but you can access the website. If you need more help, please contact and we will help you. 

If you have a child under the age of 18, you may be entitled to Child Benefit. View more information about this including how to apply.

If you are of State Pension age you may be entitled to State Pension or Pension Credit. Please see GOV.UK for more information.

You will need a UK bank account so that any money you receive from benefits or work can be paid into it. 

Bank Accounts

You will need to open a bank account when you arrive in the UK. This can be a bank on the high street or an online bank. Your sponsor may help you to do this but if you need further help, please contact us on and we will try to assist.

Please do not consent to using anybody else’s bank account for your money as this may not be safe.  If you have any concerns about this please contact us on

If it goes wrong

If there is a problem with your home or your sponsor, please contact us as soon as you can on and we will try to help you.  Where possible we will help you to resolve the problem before your relationship breaks down.

For help

Lots of useful information about local organisations offering help will be provided, but for emergencies use the following contacts:

  • If you are concerned and need help about a non-emergency situation, you  can contact us on 
  • In an emergency, for police, fire, health accident and emergency phone 999
  • For non-urgent health queries phone 111

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