If you can't leave home to top up your supply at your usual shop, you could arrange for a trusted person to take your card and do it for you. The card may need to be disinfected first, and you will need to leave your meter box unlocked if it's outside your home.

You should tell your supplier if you can’t afford to top up because you’re ill with coronavirus or following guidance to ‘self-isolate’. You’ll find their contact details on their website or on your bill and a list of numbers is also provided below.

Your supplier might be able to help by posting cards loaded with emergency credit to those who are self-isolating, adding credit to your meter or allowing you to nominate someone to top up for you. You’ll need to pay back any credit your supplier gives you. Ask them when and how you’ll need to do this.

Energy supplier

How to get help

British Gas

Call 0333 202 9802


Call 0333 200 5100


Call 0345 052 0000

E.on coronavirus update


Call 0800 073 3000

Scottish Power 

Call 0800 027 0072


Call 0345 026 2658

Ovo (2)

Call 0330 102 7517


Call 0300 303 0635

Robin Hood Energy (3)

Call 0800 030 4567

Co-op Energy 

Call 0800 093 7547

E Energy

Call 0333 103 9575

Green Network Energy

Call 0800 520 0202

Green Star Energy 

Call 0800 012 4510

Omni Energy

Call 0113 457 3219

Utility Warehouse

Call 0333 777 3247 


Call 0345 207 2000

If you are worried about debt during the coronavirus situation

If you need advice about debt, you can contact the Ask Us Wirral information and advice service. This is provided by Citizens Advice Wirral and is being delivered by phone or email. It includes specialist benefits, debt and housing advice.

Call Ask Us Wirral on 0808 2787848

The phone lines are likely to be busy and you may need to leave a message and someone will get back to you.