If you’re disabled or elderly, making changes to your home can help you to move around it more easily.

Disabled Facility Grant

You can apply for a grant called the Disabled Facility Grant (DFG) which can be used to pay for facilities for your home. You can apply for the grant whether you rent or own your home.

Wirral Council manages applications and decides on the most appropriate scheme for you and your home. These changes are funded completely or partially by the grant and the amount of funding you receive will be based on your income

The adaptation scheme can help you with changes including:

  • widening doors or installing ramps
  • providing a level-access shower
  • providing vertical lifts or stair lifts
  • providing washing, bathing or toilet facilities on the ground floor
  • providing access to a garden

The council will ensure that the changes are suitable for your needs and this is done with the help of an Occupational Therapist. 

If you require changes to your home

If you need changes to your home you can complete an assessment form to tell us about your needs. You can use the form to tell us about any benefits you receive. This will help us to decide if you are eligible for any financial assistance.

If you receive benefits you will need to send a digital copy of your benefits letter with the form.

Adaptation grants are subject to a locally set charge which is reviewed annually. Fees and charges may be updated during the year and the council reserves the right to amend these at any time.

In the majority of cases, the charge is paid out of the grant allocation.

In 2019-20 these are as follows:

  • Adaptation Grants - 15%


Apply for adaptations to your home


For adult cases only: to request a telephone consultation, email homeadaptationsteam@wirral.gov.uk

As they are specialist in classification for Child cases please liaise with your Child’s Registered Occupational Therapist (OT) with regards to a referral being made into the Service by them. If your child does not already have a Registered OT allocated then please seek a GP/Paediatrician referral for access to an Occupational Therapist via a medical referral.

Updates will continue to be provided by case officers, however should you need to contact us please email homeadaptationsteam@wirral.gov.uk.

We will be regularly accessing any messages left on the 691 8090 number and will respond as soon as we can. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.