Under the current Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) scheme, energy suppliers are able to achieve up to 25% of their Affordable Warmth obligation by installing energy saving measures in households declared eligible by local authorities. 

This mechanism, also known as “flexible eligibility”, allows local authorities to make declarations determining that certain households meet the eligibility criteria for a measure under the Affordable Warmth element of ECO. Flexible eligibility is optional, and neither energy suppliers nor local authorities are obliged to participate.

Wirral residents who qualify (see Statement of Intent below) can seek a declaration and via Wirral’s appointed partners seek a no obligation survey for insulation or heating works (depending on what the partners are offering). 

The declaration does not entitle you to any grant, which is at the discretion of the Council’s partners and is subject to a home survey. Should a grant be offered, it may not cover the total costs of the works required.