There are several government schemes available if you need help to buy your home. These include:

Wirral schemes

Find out more about low cost home ownership options in Wirral

Assistance for housing association tenants to purchase their home

  • Right to buy - the Government recently trialled Right to Buy for housing association tenants locally with Riverside and new registrations are now closed. It is currently planning to extend the scheme to more tenants
  • Right To Acquire- If you’ve been a housing association tenant for more than 5 years, this allows you to purchase your home at a discount
  • Social HomeBuy - Similar to Shared Ownership, you can purchase a minimum 25% share of your rented home at a discount
  • Preserved Right To Buy – If you were a tenant at the time your home was transferred from the Council to a housing association, you may have the opportunity to purchase your home at a reduced price

Other Low Cost Home Ownership Options

  • Own Place - a scheme run by Riverside Housing Association that offers properties for sale at a 25% discount
  • Self build - building your own home can be more affordable than purchasing on the open market