Wirral council is working to improve its understanding of the level and type of demand from people who are looking for land to custom or self-build their own home within the borough.

Self-build is where you are directly involved in organising the design and construction of your own new property.

Custom-build usually involves working with a specialist developer who will design and construct your property for you.

The council is creating a register of people or associations who are interested in self-building or custom-building a home in Wirral. The register will help us understand the level of demand for self-build and custom-build plots so we can develop a strategy for matching people to plots in their area.

You can register your interest by completing a short online form.

Register your interest

Latest information on land available with planning permission for housing can be viewed in the Council's latest Monitoring Report ('Wirral Committed Residential Sites' refers).

Funding Options

Information on finance and funding to take forward a self or custom-build project can be found at:

The government does not provide financial support for individual self-builders however further information can be viewed on affordable housing schemes and their criteria

The £3 billion Home Building Fund, launched by the Government in October 2016, offers £1 billion in short term loan finance targeted at small and medium sized builders, innovation and custom build. A further £1.5 billion was committed to the Home Building Fund at Autumn budget.

Call for information on community-led housing projects

If you are a community-based group that expects to need grant funding (or other forms of financial support) to take forward a local house building project over the next few years, inform Homes England by filling in the the form on their website.

Homes England state that providing information does not constitute an application for funding to the Community Housing Fund and you will not be bound by any of the information that you provide them with at this point. A formal application would still need to be made in due course, as and when appropriate.