Between Wednesday 18 November 2020 and Wednesday 10 February 2021 we asked people to comment on the suggested changes for how social housing is given to residents.

This consultation has now ended.

Thank you to those who submitted their ideas.

We are processing the information and feedback you provided and will use it to help form the decision on the new policy for allocating social housing.

What was the survey about?

The survey asks people what they think of the proposed priorities and suggested changes to how social housing is allocated.

Social Housing used to be called council housing. Nowadays the council does not own a large amount of housing. Instead we work with housing associations who have properties that people can rent.

Property Pool Plus is the system used to match people with Social Housing. All housing associations in Wirral use it to share details of properties they have available to rent. Some accredited private landlord properties are also advertised.

Property Pool Plus and is used across local authorities in the region. These include:

  • Halton Borough Council
  • Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Liverpool City Council
  • Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Wirral Council

Who was being asked to comment?

The following groups were invited to have their say on the proposed changes:

  • social housing tenants
  • people who have applied (or may apply) for social housing
  • people who are on a housing waiting list
  • landlords
  • voluntary organisations
  • housing associations

What are the proposed changes?

The council follows the laws and rules about how people can be matched with available housing.

The suggested changes will affect how social housing is allocated. If agreed, these changes will affect the entire local authority area. 

When can people have their say?

The consultation lasted between Wednesday 18 November 2020 and Wednesday 10 February 2021 and is now closed.

How can I apply for housing in Wirral?

There are three ways to apply:

How the information you provide will be used and handled

Wirral Council is the Data Controller for the personal information you provide. Issues of how data is handled are dealt with by the Council’s Data Protection officer Jane Corrin who can be contacted by email at or in writing at:

Data Protection Officer
Treasury Building
Cleveland Street
CH41 1AH

Our lawful basis for processing the data you provide is as part of consultation in the performance of a public task. To establish whether it is appropriate for the council to make an order which may help alleviate nuisance and anti- social behaviour the council needs a sufficient body of evidence.

We will use the information provided to us to advise our Elected Members and inform our decision-making process.

The results of the survey we receive will need to be available as part of our public decision making process. Where possible and compatible with our public decision-making process we will redact personal data so that it is not in the public domain.

To make sure no unnecessary personal data is published you should not send us any personal information about other people and you should not disclose any sensitive personal data such as health issues.

Personal data will be held securely by the council and processed in accordance with the requirements of The Data Protection Act 2018, which include the requirements of The General Data Protection regulation GDPR.

Full information about how we store data and your rights in relation to data can be found within our Privacy Notice.