Wirral Health Protection

The Wirral Health Protection Service supports living with COVID-19 and wider public health priorities. The objectives of the Health Protection Service are to:

  • be ready to respond to outbreaks and focused on preserving life and safeguarding the vulnerable
  • be at the forefront of prevention as well as control and management of communicable diseases, providing advice, support and guidance to communities and settings to keep Wirral well
  • promote protective behaviours in communities across a broad range of Public Health priorities, initiatives, and projects
  • protect health and improve outcomes by supporting delivery of effective action across wider Wirral Health protection priorities, for example, strengthening preparedness and emergency planning and protecting Wirral communities from environmental hazards
  • work collaboratively across a number of functions and specialisms, supported by a shared case management system and as a single point of contact for organisations, communities and businesses
  • work within agreed operating protocols and clear roles and responsibilities, regularly reviewed in the context of changing landscape and national and regional arrangements

The Health Protection Delivery Service will not duplicate effort but works collaboratively with internal and external specialist services and partners including the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), Infection prevention and control (IPC) services, Environmental Health and Health and Safety, and provide much required additional local capacity.

The Wirral Health Protection Service will:

  • recognise and deal with situations as they arise and manage an effective response to all infectious diseases as one Health Protection Service
  • deliver an effective operational Health Protection Service, providing Health Protection functions in a proactive and flexible approach to support, advise and guide Wirral settings and protect the health of Wirral communities
  • act as a key interface for partners and stakeholders in developing and delivering health protection priorities, adapt to contingency and winter planning, ensure local surge capacity and business continuity that works collaboratively with internal and external specialist services and partners including UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), Adult Social Care (ASC), Infection Prevention Control (IPC), Environmental Health, Eduction, Housing and Health and Safety

For further information, email healthprotectionservice@wirral.gov.uk

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