Be Clear on Cancer

Be Clear on Cancer, is a campaign to improve early diagnosis of cancer by raising public awareness of signs and symptoms of cancer, and to encourage people to see their GP without delay. Knowing the signs of cancer can save your life.

Find out more and what to look out for

Act Fast

Act Fast, is a campaign designed to raise awareness of the symptoms of stroke and to encourage people who recognise any single one of these symptoms, in themselves or others, to call 999. Knowing what to look out for can save lives.

Visit the NHS Act Fast website

One You

One You, is a campaign which is designed to inform, energise and engage you to make changes to improve your health across seven key behaviours.

  1. moving more
  2. being smoke free
  3. drinking less
  4. eating well
  5. checking ourselves
  6. stressing less 
  7. sleeping better

Take the OneYou ‘How Are You’ quiz.

Stay Well

It's important to look after yourself, especially during the winter. From keeping your house warm to protecting yourself from common ailments. Find out how to stay healthy this winter.


If your unwell child with a bug or infection is rapidly getting worse and you are worried that their illness seems different to any previous illness, it could be sepsis. Sepsis is a rare but serious complication of an infection. Knowing the signs can save a child’s life.

Visit the NHS Sepsis page to find out more.

NHS 111

NHS 111 is the NHS non-emergency number. It’s fast, easy and free. Call 111 and speak to a highly trained adviser, supported by healthcare professionals.

They will ask you a series of questions to assess your symptoms and immediately direct you to the best medical care for you. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.

Read more information about NHS 111

Health Check

As we get older, we have a higher risk of developing conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

Your free NHS Health Check can spot early signs and help prevent these happening to you, which means you'll be more likely to enjoy life for longer.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health is an important part of physical and mental health as well as your emotional and social wellbeing. It's important to take care of your sexual health and to talk about sex and relationships with your loved ones.

If you would like to talk to someone about a sexual health issue, you can call the National Sexual Health Helpline free on 0300 123 7123. Your call will be treated with sensitivity and in strict confidence. The Sexual Health Helpline is open from 9am-8pm, Monday-Friday. Or for more information visit the NHS website.

Blood pressure

Blood Pressure is dubbed the 'silent killer' as it rarely causes symptoms; high blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for cardiovascular disease and contributes to half of all strokes and heart attacks. It also increases the risks of developing dementia, heart failure and kidney disease.

Make sure you “know your numbers” and keep a check on your blood pressure.