Wirral Intelligence Service

The Wirral Intelligence Service provides access to a wealth of high quality research, local information and intelligence about Wirral.

The site incorporates the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment). This helps us understand and describe the health, care and wellbeing needs of people in Wirral - both now and in the future. It’s produced jointly by Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group and Wirral Council.

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Public Health Annual Report

Each year, the Director of Public Health produces an annual report which outlines the health of their local community.

The Public Health Annual Report (PHAR) also identifies key health issues. It reports on progress so that the local needs of the population can be better served.

Read Public Health Annual Reports from recent years

Wirral Compendium of Health Statistics

The Wirral Compendium of Health Statistics is a quick reference guide to the most commonly requested information on the population, health and wellbeing of people living in Wirral.