Current status in Wirral

Weekly data from the Office for National Statistics (published on 10 August 2021) showed there had been 71 registered deaths in Wirral, with 5 deaths due to COVID-19 in the latest 7 days. Total deaths from COVID-19 in Wirral are now 981.

Current cases in Wirral

In the 7 days to 5 August 2021, the most recent day for which figures are complete.

The current level of cases in Wirral per week 929

Wirral COVID-19 infection rate

For the 7 days to 5 August 2021.

Number of infected people per 100,000 286.4
Percentage of all people tested
who tested positive in the last 7 days

COVID-19 infections by age group

For the 7 days to 5 August 2021.

Age group Proportion of all Wirral cases
0-19 24.4%
20-39 42.2%
40-59 24.1%
60+ 9.3%

Cases by sex

For the 7 days to 5 August 2021. Some cases did not have a gender recorded.

  Percentage of cases
Female 52.4%
Male 47.1%

Cases by ethnic background

For the 7 days to 5 August 2021.

Ethnic background Percentage of Wirral cases
White British 83.3
Black and minority ethnic (BAME) or mixed heritage and Unknown 5.2%
Unknown 11.5%

Number of COVID-19 cases by ward

For the 7 days to 5 August 2021. Increases and decreases are compared with numbers for the previous week.

Find out which ward you live in

Numbers of cases between 1 and 4 will only be indicated with ‘less than 5’ on the table. This is to minimise risk of people from being identified through this data.

Ward Number of cases
Bidston and St James 91
Birkenhead and Tranmere 66
Prenton 56
Bromborough 55
Leasowe and Moreton East 54
Liscard 53
Eastham 47
Bebington 45
Oxton 45
Rock Ferry 44
Seacombe 44
New Brighton 39
Upton 36
West Kirby and Thurstaston 34
Wallasey 32
Clatterbridge 31
Heswall 31
Claughton 30
Greasby, Frankby and Irby 28
Moreton West and Saughall Massie 27
Pensby and Thingwall 20
Hoylake and Meols 17

Vaccination rate

As of 10 August 2021.

Percentage of people eligible in Wirral to have had at least one COVID-19 vaccination 81.5%
Percentage of people who have had two doses 71.7%

From 16 November 2020, Public Health England updated the way it records the location of people who test positive or negative for COVID-19

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