Before you apply

This checklist details all the compulsory information, evidence, and documentation you will require to complete an application. It is important that you gather all the information before you start to complete the online application form.

Any missing or incorrect information will delay the appraisal and payment process.

We recommend the use of Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer browsers when accessing the online application.

Please ensure that you read the Checklist, the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice before completing the online form.

Information Category

Evidence Required

Evidence Format

Number of employees in Liverpool City Region


-  Number of Full Time Equivalent Employees working in Liverpool City Region

-  HMRC Real Time Information/PAYE records from September 2021 (highlighting employees working in the Liverpool City Region)

-  Number

-  Uploaded copy

Fixed property costs in Liverpool City Region

- Total annual commercial property costs in Liverpool City Region

- Copy of the current signed commercial leases, licenses, rental agreements, or commercial mortgages (in full)

- Business Rates Reference Numbers

-  Business Rates Bill/s for 2021/2022 for all premises occupied in the Liverpool City Region

- Value

- Uploaded copy



-  Reference number

-  Uploaded copy

Financial impact of COVID-19

-  An explanation of how the business has been severely impacted by Covid-19

-  Loss of turnover, income

o   annual accounts, management accounts, comparable bank statements

-  Accountant’s letter verifying financial impact of Covid and referencing key data from accounts. Applicants must use the template provided, and figures provided in the application form must match those supplied in the accountant’s letter

-  Free text


-  Financial values;

-  Uploaded copies


-  Uploaded copy

Evidence of trading

-  Full business bank statements from the last three months. The details must match the name of the business, or individual listed on the business rates bill or lease / mortgage agreement / licence, and clearly show:

o   name of the bank account holder

o   business address

o   sort code and account number

o   business transactions

- Recent utility bill(s) (Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone or Broadband for supply within last 3 months) which clearly shows supply to the business address listed on the business rates bill or lease / mortgage agreement / licence

-  Uploaded copies







-  Uploaded copy

Additional information required, if applicable

-  Date business established

-  Companies House Number

-  Date of Incorporation 

-  Care Quality Commission registration number

-  Ofsted registration number

-  Registered Charity Number

-  VAT Registration Number

-  Partnerships/Sole Traders UTR Number/s-

-  Nature of business activity

- Value of previous grants received during the Covid-19 pandemic

-  Date

-  Number

-  Date

-  Reference Number

-  Reference Number

-  Number

-  Number

-  Number/s

-  Free Text

-  Value

Additional confirmations required

- Confirmation that the business was established and trading before 01 April 2021

- Confirmation that the business is viable and trading on the date of application

- Confirmation of previous grants received and eligibility under Subsidy Control rules.

- Confirmation that the business has between 10 and 249 Full Time Equivalent employees

- Confirmation that the business has either a turnover of up to 50 million Euros and/or a balance sheet total of up to 43 million Euros

- Confirmation that the business is only applying for ONE grant for the business

- A set of legally binding confirmation statements are included in the online application form

PDF version of the checklist for the LCR Trading On Scheme

The Word and PDF files may not be suitable to view for people with disabilities, users of assistive technology or mobile phone devices.