Compulsory evidence required from all applicants

If your business is in the Business Rates system:

  • Your business rates reference number, and upload
  • A copy of your bill from April 2020 to March 2021 (even if you do not pay anything because your business benefits from Small Business Rates Relief)

If your business is not in the Business Rates system but you do have commercial property related costs, you must provide evidence that clearly shows the financial contribution that you are required to make as part of the agreement.

One item from the following list to be uploaded:

  • A copy of the current commercial lease, licence or rental agreement, including agreements for spaces such as small lockups or for regular hire of space in leisure, hospitality or sports premises
  • An up to date mortgage statement, or
  • Up to date land registry office copies confirming a mortgage is still registered against the commercial property.
    Please note: Home mortgage or home rental payments are not acceptable evidence.
  • a copy of recent business bank statements (within last 3 months). The details must match the name of the business, or individual listed on the business rates bill or lease, mortgage agreement, licence, and clearly show:
  • name of the bank account holder
  • business address
  • sort code and account number
  • business transactions
  • a recent utility bill (gas, electricity, water or telephone line within last 3 months) Council Tax bills are not acceptable – the bill should clearly show the business address or home address (if you operate your business from home).
  • If you are a limited company: The Companies House Number and Date of Incorporation.
  • If you are Self-Employed: Your HMRC Unique Tax Reference Number (10 digit).
  • If you are registered for VAT: Your VAT Number.

All businesses will be asked to make a declaration which will include the following:

  • nature of business i.e. What the business does.
  • if you are applying as a Care Home: The Care Quality Commission registration number
  • if you are applying as a Nursery: The OFSTED registration number
  • confirmation that the business was established and trading before 31 October 2020
  • confirmation that the business is trading on the date of application
  • confirmation of the number of staff you employ.  You must employ a minimum of 1 person (this can be the self-employed, a Director, sole trader). 
  • confirmation of eligibility under State aid rules.
  • confirmation that the business has not previously received a Hospitality and Leisure Grant from Round 1 or Hospitality, Leisure and Retail Grant (Expanded Scheme) Round 2; or has received or is eligible for a Taxi Driver’s Grant or a Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) from its Local Authority.
  • confirmation that the business is a Small or Micro business under the Companies Act 2006

Category C: Self employed, sole trader, home based business (that predominantly supplies the hospitality and leisure sectors) or licensed market trader

In addition to the compulsory evidence, if you are applying as a self-employed person, sole trader, home-based business or licensed market trader you will be asked to provide evidence of business-related costs.

The evidence that you provide must clearly show the business name under which you trade.

Alongside evidence of trade evidence, you will need to provide at least one item from the following list to be uploaded:

  • existing contract with accountant / solicitor for ongoing professional advice/services e.g.  Accounts
  • business related insurances e.g. Professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employer liability insurance
  • costs related to licences or professional certification necessary for carrying out your business
  • hire purchase or finance leases for equipment necessary for your business operation
  • costs of membership of trade or professional bodies
  • evidence of business expenses that you claim on your annual HMRC self-assessment tax return
  • a copy of your market licence if you are a market trader
  • for bed and breakfast accommodation (not in business rates) a copy of the food hygiene certificate from your local authority

Category D: For businesses in any sector that can demonstrate a loss of 40% or more in sales or revenue due to the impact of COVID-19

In addition to the compulsory evidence, you will need to provide a statement from a qualified, independent accountant using the attached proforma form below:

The statement must be on the letterhead of the accountant. The accountant must be accredited by a suitable regulatory body e.g. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants; Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT); Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT); Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales; etc.