What is the CVF sector?

The community, voluntary and faith (CVF) sector plays a hugely important role in Wirral, providing a wide range of activities and services to residents that improve health and wellbeing and contribute to the local economy.

The sector has been critical to the response to the pandemic and will continue to have a pivotal role in supporting local communities through the cost-of-living crisis.

Organisations based within the heart of local communities are well trusted and respected by residents who may not want to access help elsewhere. These organisations understand the needs and issues affecting local residents and understand where the monies will be most effective. 

How will the funding help?

The rising cost of living means residents may fall into poverty, face eviction from their homes and suffer significant mental and physical detrimental health outcomes.

This will not only affect the most vulnerable and deprived in the borough that the council and its partners are already aware of and supporting but also those who previously would have been able to manage and therefore would not usually have sought support but are likely to find themselves in more challenging circumstances.

This grant programme will build on the strong collaboration with the CVF sector and intends to mitigate the impact on people already experiencing financial hardship, to prevent other from becoming financially insecure and to prepare to support people when they need help.

Who can apply for funding?

Successful applications must meet the following: 

  • applicants must be a constituted organisation, community interest company or charity
  • the grant must benefit residents located in the Wirral borough
  • applicants must demonstrate their project will prioritise activity that provides support throughout the 2022-23 winter period
  • all spend must be complete by 31st October 2023
  • funding cannot be granted for retrospective activity
  • successful applicants will be requested to provide actual figures on spend in early September 2023
  • applicants can apply to meet the costs of key staff, but organisations must be able to demonstrate evidence showing the money requested for staff positions is only for the purposes of this project and for work being carried out after this funding was awarded
  • all applications must be returned electronically via e-mail. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. The deadline for applications is 12 noon 14th October 2022
  • applications requesting over £200,000 will not be considered. We welcome and encourage applications from smaller organisations for lower amounts and will prioritise bids that can show collaboration between organisations

Applications must clearly outline their ability to promote one or more of the following criteria:

  1. join up provision, improve signposting and raise awareness of support available
  2. support people to make the best possible choices about how they use the income they have
  3. help people maximise their income further (including but not limited to benefits maximisation)
  4. tackle fuel poverty
  5. tackle food poverty
  6. support vulnerable groups
  7. provide warm hubs and spaces for communities 

Applications will be assessed against their ability to meet the above criteria and show:

1.    the project demonstrates a clear need or problem
2.    the target group/s are well defined
3.    the project objectives are clear, appropriate and measurable 
4.    project states how outcomes will be measured
5.    the project activities are expected to achieve the expected outputs, impact and outcomes within the proposed deadlines 
6.    the project activities are reflected in the estimated budget

How do I apply for funding?

Please complete the application form and answer all questions in full. Any omission will delay your application. Submission must be made via email, before 12 noon, Friday 14 October 2022.

Please return your application to kateleah@wirral.gov.uk using ‘COL CVF GRANT FUND’ as the subject title.