If you operate a charity or community organisation in Wirral that supports any of the groups listed below, you can register to order symptom-free (LFD) test kits to distribute to your community.

Kits are free of charge and will enable your community members to test themselves twice a week in line with government guidance.

We encourage and support testing and the distribution of home tests and would welcome any partners that can support with supplying tests to any of these groups:

  • multi-generational/ high occupancy households
  • men
  • black, asian or minority ethnic (BAME) groups
  • religious and faith groups
  • people with disabilities or impairments
  • LGBTQ+
  • pregnant or post-natal mothers
  • people with alcohol or drug dependencies
  • Gypsy, Roma, travelling communities
  • low income households
  • migrants, asylum seekers or refugees
  • people experiencing homelessness or rough sleeping
  • sex workers
  • survivors of domestic violence or abuse

If you are interested in supplying tests to your charity or community organisation, please apply below.

When you are completing the form, please remember to click on all of the criteria that apply to your organisation. You will also need:

  • the name of your organisation
  • an email address

Apply for testing kits

After you have registered you will need to collect the kits from our symptom-free test centre at the former House of Fraser Building, Grange Road, Birkenhead. Each box contains 7 test kits of lateral flow home tests.