Wirral Council and partners have launched a new website to help match residents needs with local sources of support during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation.

The Wirral Infobank asks residents what help they need, providing options for people to choose from.

It also has an easy-to-use search facility, which shows what help is available near to where you live, simply by inserting their home postcode.

The new website will also:

  • help people individuals to register to volunteer with local groups and the NHS
  • allow community, voluntary and faith groups to tell us how they might be able to help
  • register offers of help from local businesses, match their expertise and resources with local need
  • signpost to the most up-to-date national health information

The Wirral InfoBank is part of a package of wider preparations being put in place by Wirral Council and partners to focus resources on the most critical services, while ensuring that residents get the information they need.

It joins the Wirral Coronavirus helpline, launched last Friday (20 March), as a lifeline for residents. The helpline will specifically enable residents who aren’t online to access information from the Council and some of its partner organisations.

The helpline has already taken more than 350 calls and is providing a valuable service, particularly for many of Wirral’s isolated and vulnerable residents.

Visit www.wirralinfobank.co.uk to find out what help is available for you, or to offer support from you, residents or organisations.