The following tips can help you to work remotely effectively and help us to continue to deliver effective services to Wirral residents.


  • Ensure that your electronic calendar is kept up to date and that your colleagues have access and can view it
  • If you have a mobile phone, ensure that you have shared your phone number on your calendar and with those who will need to contact you
  • Check all your personal details are up to date in SelfServe under forms and processes
  • Use Microsoft Teams to communicate with colleagues, share files and hold online meetings
  • Check in with colleagues regularly so that you can stay up to date and don’t become isolated

Health and safety

  • If you are working from home, try to ensure you are following health and safety guidelines for display screen equipment. More information is available here
  • Have a separate workspace which is at a desk and in a separate room away from where you would normally relax. This helps you to mentally prepares for work and helps you to switch off properly at the end of the day
  • Establish a routine and try to stick to a similar routine that you would normally follow in an office environment
  • Remember to take regular breaks (20 minutes for every 6 hours worked) and a minimum of 30 minutes at lunchtime. Take the time to stretch your legs and get away from your workstation
  • Work in an appropriate space with suitable ventilation and lighting
  • Advice for looking after your health is available on the Mind website


  • Use Microsoft Teams to communicate with colleagues, share files and hold online meetings
  • Technical support is available on the WorkSmart Hub on the council intranet
  • You can also contact the IT helpdesk on 666 4080 or log a job online if you experience any technical difficulties


  • Record your working hours on your flexi sheet in the usual way. We do not expect employees to work more hours than their standard daily working hours.
  • Ensure that your council equipment is securely stored overnight
  • Ensure that household members can not view your screen to prevent breaches of confidentiality