Strategies and vision for children

We have developed a vision for our children and young people:

'Making Wirral great for Children, Young People and their Families'.

We have defined 5 delivery objectives which will help us achieve this, as follows:

  • deliver action that reduces the potential of risk or harm to our children
  • ensure children, young people and their families have access to the right help and support at the right time
  • support and care for children who are looked after and ensure they are better off as a result of being in care
  • raise aspirations, celebrate achievement and improve attainment for for all children and young people to reach their full potential
  • provide children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities access to opportunity to positively contribute to the wider community

Our vision is aligned with the wider vision and priorities of the council as outlined in the Wirral Plan.

Plans and strategies

Wirral Children Looked After Sufficiency Strategy 2019-2022 below sets out the council and its partners plans to secure safe and supportive accommodation for children in care and care leavers over the next three years.

The Market Position Statement below focuses on helping the council to meet this commitment and ensure that all children and young people looked after have a happy stable home with carers who are committed to nurturing and supporting them. It provides an overview of predicted future demand for services and explores opportunities for managing demand.

Plans and strategies archive