The foster carer handbook provides information for Wirral foster carers as they progress through their fostering career.

The payment guide provides financial information for foster carers.

Training for foster carers

The foster carer training booklet provides information about the training requirements of foster carers and the training courses available.

Book safeguarding courses online

Foster carers can access various e-learning modules on the learningpool website.

Tax for foster carers

There is a useful e-learning package, 'Tax for foster carers' from HMRC. Why not take a look at HMRC’s YouTube channel, which has short videos on your ‘need to knows’ for tax?

You can ask questions whenever you need to on HMRC's Small Business Forum.

Forms for foster carers to complete

Forms are to be completed as explained by your social worker.

Further information

Find further information on fostering in the Children’s Social Care Procedures Manual.

Chapter 5 of the manual provides information on fostering policies and procedures.   

For more information contact the fostering team at or 0151 666 4510.