Wirral Children's Trust brings together a range of partners including children and young people, health, police, community and voluntary sector, education providers and other services that provide services for children, young people and their families. They are responsible for improving outcomes for all children and young people in Wirral.

The Trust's most important principle is to secure an active partnership of parents, carers and services, working together to deliver the best outcomes, enabling children and young people to fulfil their potential. The partnership working for Wirral Children’s Trust is outlined in our partnership arrangement memorandum of understanding.

What does a Children's Trust do?

The essential features of Wirral’s Children's Trust are:

  • A child-centred, outcome-led vision for all children and young people, clearly informed by their views and those of their families
  • Inter-agency governance, with robust arrangements for inter-agency co-operation
  • Integrated strategy: joint planning and commissioning
  • Integrated processes: effective joint working sustained by a shared language and shared processes
  • Integrated front-line delivery organised around the child, young person or family rather than professional boundaries or existing agencies
  • Improving outcomes for children, young people and their families

Every year the Children's Trust publishes a Children and Young People's Plan, which provides more detail on what will be delivered that year.

Find out more about the Children and Young People's Plan.

To find out more about how Wirral Children's Trust cares for the needs of children and young people in Wirral view the children's trust's memorandum of understanding and minutes and agendas from Children's Trust meetings.