Our responsibilities do not end when an adoption order is made. We offer ongoing advice and support to people affected by adoption, including:

  • adopted children
  • adopted adults
  • adoptive families
  • birth parents of adopted children

Support for adopters

There is a wide range of support provided for those adopting, such as:

  • support groups e.g. evening presentations, coffee mornings etc
  • support from specialised social workers and agencies    
  • loan of Adoption Team Resources e.g.  books, articles
  • family social events e.g. BBQs and Christmas parties

Adopted children

Children who have been adopted, can find out more child friendly information from visiting our specialised website Right Side of care

Services for adopted adults

If you live in Wirral and were adopted we can provide support and advice to assist you in accessing your adoption/birth records.

Services for birth parents or families

  • advice/support with mailbox arrangements
  • referral to Intermediary Services that have experience in helping and advising birth family members.