From May 2018, Wirral Council adult Social Services Commissioners and the Local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have come together under the brand ‘Wirral Health and Care Commissioning’ (WHaCC) to work together as one to deliver improved outcomes for people who live in Wirral.

Our strategies have been aligned and will meet our local requirements under The Care Act 2014 and the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Our work plan will impact directly on five Wirral Council Pledges:

Pledge One: Older people live well
Pledge Six: People with disabilities live independently
Pledge Sixteen: Wirral residents live healthier lives
Pledge Eighteen: Good quality housing that meets the needs of residents.

These sit alongside the Healthy Wirral Plan Priorities of:

  • community-based health services (for example, access to GPs, community nurses and social workers) seven days a week
  • more services currently delivered within the hospital setting to be delivered within the community, by consultant-led teams
  • health and social care professionals working together with patients who have ongoing needs: one assessment, one care plan, one key coordinator
  • specialist in-patient hospital care for key coordinator
  • support for people to look after themselves and stay healthy

Working with partners in Wirral Community Health and Care Foundation Trust (WCHC) and Cheshire and Wirral Partnership (CWP), to deliver social work duties under the Care Act, we will cooperate as one to help people to help themselves where they can and support only those with the greatest need.

Our two key aims of the Care Act are to:

  • prevent and delay of the need for care and,
  • support people to be in control of their care

Our Market Position Statement below describes to the market what our commissioning intentions are for the future, and what we will consider to be our main priorities. We will aim to increase the numbers of people who are accessing services online, both for self-assessment and financial assessment, as well as being able to source a local offer for themselves via our Live Well Directory.

One of our main focuses for the future will be to deploy a range of technologies, with an ambitious roll out to support both health and care outcomes. Our aim will be to improve safety and quality and to enable both people and providers to manage risks and reduce negative outcomes, facilitating where people will be able to use readily available technologies themselves to improve their quality of life.

We will continue to work with the Wirral Community Care Market to improve the quality of services provided and to ensure that Care Quality Commission Ratings improve.

View 2019-2024 market position statement