As an alternative to letting the council plan your care, you can opt to receive direct payments and make your own decisions about the providers whose services you prefer. You can have a mixture of council services and those providers you choose.

The money you receive

The payments you receive will be based on your needs and will be decided during your assessment. There is a set hourly rate for personal assistants and for agencies and this will be explained to you. If you choose an agency that charges more than the set rate, you may have to make up the difference in cost.

How direct payments must be spent

You must use the money to meet your assessed needs. You may choose to employ a personal assistant or you can pay an agency to support you. We can advise on the best way to spend your direct payments on services.

To enquire about direct payments

Please call our Central Advice and Duty Team on 0151 514 2222 (option 3).