Support for leaving hospital

If you are leaving hospital following an illness or operation, you might need practical help with everyday tasks like bathing, dressing and other essential activities. This could be temporary while you’re on the mend or due to a more long-term condition.

How to get help

If you think you need support you can ask the medical staff at the hospital, who will refer you for an assessment. We can then arrange services to help you when you return home, depending on your needs and eligibility. We will discuss what kind of support you need and do an assessment to find out if you qualify for help from adult social services.

If you need some minor equipment to help you to manage at home, we can help to arrange for these items to be delivered or fitted in your house.

If you're not eligible for care from the council

If your circumstances don't qualify you for a care package from the council, you have the option of employing a care worker privately through a home care agency.

Find local support services on the Wirral Infobank website

If you can’t return back to your home

After a stay in hospital some people may have needs which cannot be met in their own homes. They may need to temporarily move into a care home or receive NHS continuing healthcare.

If you were receiving support before you went into hospital

If you are already receiving support that has been arranged by us please let your care manager or social worker know that you are in hospital. You can also ask a friend or relative to do this on your behalf. They will arrange to have your social care services suspended until you are ready to leave hospital.